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And the First Kiss Film goes to…

4 May

…okay, we’ll let you know in one minute, but first we’d like to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone who entered our contest. It was such a joy reading through so many incredible entries that shared sweet love stories, beautiful photographs and fun wedding details! It was very difficult to select just one couple but in the end we decided to go with the soon-to-be-wed couple who submitted the most creative entry.

So, we are very pleased to announce that the grand-prize winners of the “Win your wedding film” are…Katharina J. Guenther & Bola O. Sogbein! And their wedding is only four weeks away – June 5th, 2010, here in the Nation’s Capital.

Katharina & Bola also submitted a poem that was written during a time when they lived on separate continents. How romantic! Here’s part of their winning entry:

“Our relationship has taken us to the various corners of the globe, spawning incredible connections and experiences. Central to those experiences is the fact that we maintain who we are by being grounded in our love for one another. A look, a touch, a smile or a kiss is often all that’s needed to reaffirm our unyielding commitment. We would love { First Kiss Films } to capture this on our wedding day since it is often a kiss that seals our bond.

Why we would like our wedding to be captured by { First Kiss Films }
Nine – number  of  incredible years we’ve shared together in our relationship
Eight – the year Bola proposed to Tina
Seven – minus the day of our wedding = number of children we hope to have
Six –  number of countries we’ve visited together for work or play
Five – our day of bliss in June of 2010
Four – number of times Bola thought he had lost the engagement ring
Three – number of years we kept our relationship a secret from co-workers
Two – number of years we lived on separate continents (Australia and Canada)
One – number of times we have to kiss to feel as though it’s our first

Our Souls Unite
By: Bola Sogbein

It flows like a mid-summer night dream, your kiss, your taste
Sumptuous like the forbidden fruit I yearn for the moment when I
can escape as Dante and become the bliss I experience in my thoughts
That moment in time when your essence transcends all boundaries,
time, space become but a figment, a remnant, an afterthought, an ill-existence
and caresses my flesh as though you were near, beside, touching my soul
How I yearn for that moment when I can taste your essence
that moment when your soul lavishes me and fulfills my every erotic and sensual desire
yet I stare alone at the stars
wondering which one your light shines under
until we feel each other again, and our souls unite

Congratulations Katharina and Bola, for your winning entry and more importantly for finding great love in one other.

Images courtesy Fleischer Photography.