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Love in space and time

26 Feb

A wedding, for most people, is a once-in-a-lifetime event. But last year Amanda and Brandon said ‘I Do’ not once, but twice!

Dr. Who wedding

{ First Kiss Films } captured their wedding day celebration in Munster, Ontario with our vintage movie cameras and we’re excited to share this film (and details about Amanda and Brandon’s amazing Dr. Who themed vow renewal in London, England) with you next week.

A father’s touching words…four years later

21 Feb

Four years ago I spent an afternoon filming an adorable family at their home. After being reminded of our session years ago, the father of this family watched the film again and sent me this moving email…

Lifestyle films on 16mm

Hello Bridget,

Not long ago I thought about the film you made for us. A friend just asked me to give them your name because they had remembered it too. I probably have not watched it in over a year.

I just went and watched it again tonight and proceeded to start crying uncontrollably. It has taken me about 20 minutes to regain myself. It is a treasure. A document of the most wonderful, incomprehensibly valuable thing in my life. A living snapshot of my home, the kind of home we strive to create, filled with smiles and laughter and discoveries and above all, love. I think for quite a while I have lost that vision a bit. We need more smiles and spontaneous laughter around here, and I think this might be the inspiration I need to simplify and remember what is truly important.

Anyway, all this just to say thank you, so, so much for doing this for us. It is one of the greatest of my possessions, if I might even call it that. I look around at all the things in my life and what would I really want to keep if I had to give it all away? Well, I can say that it would probably fit in a small box. But your film would be in it.

I think we are due for another one soon. Are you free to come back and see us again this June? I really hope so.

Wow. It is such a gift to receive notes like these from clients and to be asked to return to make a sequel. Now that I have a little one of my own I truly understand how precious memories like these can be.

Adriana’s first year

3 Dec

The first time you meet someone, you never know how big or small of a role they will play in your life. When I met Janice and Matthew in 2009 to discuss filming their wedding, little did I realize that years later they would ask me to be a part of an even bigger production: creating an epic lifestyle film that captures their daughter’s first year of life.

families on film
The new parents are artists, Janice a photographer and Matthew the owner/designer of the letterpress company Lush Press, so we connected through the love of film, art and most recently the birth of our babies. They were very active in providing so many ideas to the project such as a creative way to incorporate their wedding footage into the family film!

We decided to meet six times over 18 months, filming in beautiful locations around the city as well as capturing life at home on their amazing organic farm. Each time I would leave a session with beautiful images, a warm and fuzzy feeling in my chest, and organic gifts from the farm such as lavender from their garden, delicious corn, and farm fresh eggs.

Janice and Matthew’s baby girl, Adriana, is one of the sweetest little girls I have ever met. What an amazing pleasure it has been to watch Janice’s growing belly, meet Adriana days after she was born, and see her changing every  three months, reaching milestones, and finally celebrate her first birthday – all through the lens of my camera.

I truly can not wait for you to watch this film. I attempted editing a shorter version just for my blog audience but there are too many beautiful moments that I feel the film needs to be seen as a whole. Thank you so much Janice & Matthew for allowing me and my lens into your beautiful life.

~ Filmed on Kodak super 8 and 16mm film ~

I’d also like to share Janice & Matthew’s words of thanks…You captured so much we didn’t expect, so much that our little sweetheart has grown out of, and all the things that we had forgotten that she did, and so many times there were little expressions that she still does. You gave us the quality we wanted, of it being like an old home movie. So many unbelievably beautiful images… I’m speechles… you have me crying. This is a reminder of everything we have that is so absolutely precious and we thank you deeply for the over a year of your life that you gave us to give us this… absolutely priceless memories that would have been forgotten.

We heart E&C

14 Nov

“With great sacrifice comes great reward.” The sacrifice? Having to spend a night away from my sweet four month old baby to film this wedding in London. The reward? Working with the loveliest of couples, and filming a perfect wedding day filled with so much beauty, emotion, and lots and lot of love.

London vintage wedding

And yet another reward, and the reason we love making films, is words from the heart such as these:


We just had our own little screening of the movie and it was amazing.  I have been brought to tears twice and Cole said it was a great way to remember the day (he’s the more stoic of the two of us hehe).  You captured our joy, our expressions, our family and our friends so beautifully.  I can’t thank you enough for making it all so beautiful, genuine and heartfelt.  You are such a warm, caring person, it was great working with you and the product was all we had ever hoped for. Thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heart, this means the world to us both!

Xoxo Emily & Cole”

Adventures in weddingland

17 Oct

Samantha & Genio’s whimsical Alice in Wonderland themed wedding was full of sweet details inspired by the well-loved book by Lewis Carroll. Are you curiouser and curiouser to watch it? Well, we’ll soon be posting their vintage film!

Alice in Wonderland wedding

When I hand-delivered their wedding film Samantha & I ended up chatting for about 30 minutes. She shared with me that now that she has finished planning her wedding and has a bit more time on her hands she has shifted her focus to giving back. Check out her blog which explains her adventures in random acts of kindness. Love really does help us become better people. How sweet!

You are my joy

25 Sep

What’s better than spending the day with an adorable, creative couple and creating a film for them? Having the opportunity to do it twice! We so enjoyed creating the  hand-processed 16mm engagement film for Liana & Eimhin last summer, and this past May fell in love with them even more as we filmed their joyful wedding day.

stylish vintage wedding

And we were filled with joy when we read this sweet lovenote they sent:

“Eimhin and I just watched our wedding film and we can’t even believe how amazing it is.  We are blown away!!  You captured every single detail we could have hoped to have as a memory, and made it all look beautiful beyond our wildest dreams.  I cried, obviously:)  We can’t thank you enough for this film.  We will treasure it forever. Also, working with you has been such a pleasure from day 1 and we hope to have you record other special moments in our lives.

Liana and Eimhin”

Congrats you two!!


Baby, it’s cold outside

17 May

“That was the most beautiful film we have ever seen…” said the bride Cassandra, moments after watching her vintage wedding film for the first time.

Winter wedding on film
Cassandra and Matt’s wedding celebration was one of the most beautiful we have ever witnessed and are excited to be sharing their love on film next week!