Adriana’s first year

3 Dec

The first time you meet someone, you never know how big or small of a role they will play in your life. When I met Janice and Matthew in 2009 to discuss filming their wedding, little did I realize that years later they would ask me to be a part of an even bigger production: creating an epic lifestyle film that captures their daughter’s first year of life.

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The new parents are artists, Janice a photographer and Matthew the owner/designer of the letterpress company Lush Press, so we connected through the love of film, art and most recently the birth of our babies. They were very active in providing so many ideas to the project such as a creative way to incorporate their wedding footage into the family film!

We decided to meet six times over 18 months, filming in beautiful locations around the city as well as capturing life at home on their amazing organic farm. Each time I would leave a session with beautiful images, a warm and fuzzy feeling in my chest, and organic gifts from the farm such as lavender from their garden, delicious corn, and farm fresh eggs.

Janice and Matthew’s baby girl, Adriana, is one of the sweetest little girls I have ever met. What an amazing pleasure it has been to watch Janice’s growing belly, meet Adriana days after she was born, and see her changing every  three months, reaching milestones, and finally celebrate her first birthday – all through the lens of my camera.

I truly can not wait for you to watch this film. I attempted editing a shorter version just for my blog audience but there are too many beautiful moments that I feel the film needs to be seen as a whole. Thank you so much Janice & Matthew for allowing me and my lens into your beautiful life.

~ Filmed on Kodak super 8 and 16mm film ~

I’d also like to share Janice & Matthew’s words of thanks…You captured so much we didn’t expect, so much that our little sweetheart has grown out of, and all the things that we had forgotten that she did, and so many times there were little expressions that she still does. You gave us the quality we wanted, of it being like an old home movie. So many unbelievably beautiful images… I’m speechles… you have me crying. This is a reminder of everything we have that is so absolutely precious and we thank you deeply for the over a year of your life that you gave us to give us this… absolutely priceless memories that would have been forgotten.

2 Responses to “Adriana’s first year”

  1. blacklambphotography December 12, 2013 at 2:15 pm #

    What a fantastic idea to film the first year of their daughter’s life. I love it! It’s beautifully captured too.

  2. Janice Crosby Aman December 8, 2013 at 5:08 am #

    Oh Bridget! Again you have done something so amazing….

    Such wonderful words and incredible images to present the filming of our baby girl’s first year. We should have you pull out more images from all the footage! What amazingly beautiful photographs we would have!

    It couldn’t be more perfect than right now, at the anniversary of our wedding and as her second birthday rolls around… we are so touched.

    And the snowflakes falling! I’m in love with this in every way!

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