Emily & Cole’s perfect rustic chic barn wedding

20 Nov

Brides always hope for clear skies on their wedding day – especially those planning an outdoor celebration. Do you think it is possible that rain can IMPROVE a wedding? We do after witnessing how it brought everyone together at Emily & Cole’s century barn celebration. Em was one of the happiest brides we have ever filmed, and we found out later why she was extra appreciative for what turned into a perfect day.

~ Filmed on Kodak super 8 & 16mm film ~

“The weather the day before the wedding was like a monsoon, rain was coming in the roof, through the walls and the floors, it was like a bride’s worst nightmare.  To boot, the measurements had been given wrong and the tables didn’t fit as we had originally planned.  I could have cried, I could have crawled into a stinky old portapotty and not come out for the entire weekend, but we had, no word of a lie, probably 30 people come out from our family and friends to help us.  Our dads were setting the wine glasses, Cole’s brother and my uncle were placing the seating cards, my uncle and aunt hung the french doors and ribbon drapes, and all of the groomsmen hung the seating charts, menus and bar signs.  I just kept smiling throughout putting up drop catching pails, covering the tables in tarps and realizing we had received the wrong tablecloths, and on the way home to shower and change for the rehearsal I finally broke down like I knew I would.  Alone, in my car, I cried big crocodile tears, but it was weird, they were not the sad, “it’s my party and I can cry if I want to” tears I had thought I’d have, they were like overwhelmed, happy tears when I thought of our whole group of family and friends working so hard alongside us.  Throughout the whole day, nobody complained that they had taken a day off work for this, and everyone just smiled and continued on despite the weather.  It was honestly so moving and I think set the tone for the rest of the weekend.  I think this is part of why I was just so happy the following day.  I couldn’t believe the weather and throughout the receiving line all I could say was “look at that sunshine!” because I felt like the luckiest girl between everything that had happened the day prior and then to be given such a wonderful day to celebrate on.”

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