The films of Bridget Farr

4 Nov

films of bridget farr(AKA moi, Bridget Redmond).

I am honoured to announce that the Canadian Film Institute (CFI) will be hosting an evening showcasing some of my films! The program will include from the last 15 years – many of which were produced under my maiden name (Bridget Farr). Don’t expect to see any wedding films in the program though. Most of the films that have been selected are art films created for the festival circuit and are quite different from the films I craft through { First Kiss Films }.

According to the CFI’s Executive Director, “Bridget Farr’s work has been consistently daring, experimenting with film form and approaches to storytelling. She is one of Ottawa’s most talented film artists, and we are thrilled to present her works as part of our Cafe EX series.”

The big night takes place this Thursday, November 7th within Saw Gallery here in Ottawa. Nine films will be screened and even some will be projected on 35mm and 16mm prints – the way film was meant to be seen! I will of course be there to discuss my work.

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