Remembering Bolero

16 Apr

Over the last year and a half we have been filming the Aman family, focusing on their beautiful little baby girl’s first year. Having documented sweet moments at their home, furry family members naturally have become part of the footage.

Unexpectedly, Bolero, their beloved Afghan Hound, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Sadly the chemotherapy treatments could not save him and within a week of him passing they wanted to know if there was any footage of him. We used what we had and made this film in Bolero’s memory. This was their response:

“All I can say is that you are absolutely amazing, and you have all of my thanks to the bottom of my heart. Words can not say what it means to have this, being able to see him as he was before and after his surgery, in his last months with us, and that we had him there for her first and second Christmas. It’s an incredible gift to have put together this short film for us. These are moments too precious to measure.”

~ Filmed with love on Kodak 16mm film ~

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