A mid Hallows Eve union

16 May

Every face a different shade.
Look around –
there’s another mask behind you
~ from the musical The Phantom of the Opera ~

It’s so fitting that today’s quote is taken from the stage. Patrice & Ted’s love of the theatre inspired a dramatic, masquerade themed wedding that was planned carefully down to every last detail. It was the perfect celebration of two creative, fun-loving, sweethearts in love.

A few words of thanks from the bride: “The film is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much! My family has been enjoying your video, I still can’t believe how perfect and touching (yet funny) it is. Ted and I were extremely impressed with the music and the moment that stood out the most to us is how you synced the guitar playing our first dance to the music in the video. Also the way you were able to capture tiny moments between my family and I, and Ted and I. There are times we exchange looks and mouth words and I know exactly what was happening and it means so much to me. And of course the sparkler dance moments were invaluable to the film!”

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