Preserving your memories

26 Apr

We are in the middle of a move (more on that in a few weeks!) and have been busy delivering the original 16mm and super 8 negatives to our clients. In the past we have offered to hold-on to the archival footage from the events we capture but are quickly running out of storage space and feel the best home for these family heirlooms is with the stars of the film.

So to help all past, present and future clients understand why film negatives are important and how to care for them, here are some answers to a few of the most common questions:

What are original film negatives?
Film negatives are the raw footage from your event as captured in the original filmmaking medium. Just as you keep and carefully store photographic still negatives (remember those?) it is also important to keep and care for your original motion picture negatives as well. Years from now you will always be able to make additional copies using the original source materials.

Why should you preserve them?
It is the film negatives themselves which will last for generations, not the DVD. Your negatives are archival and your wedding day footage will remain as beautiful as the day it was captured, 10, 50, even 100 years from now – if they are properly cared for.

How do you store these family heirlooms?
Heat and humidity are the enemies of photographic materials. Store your film negatives in a cool, dry area. In case of fire or flood, never store originals with the copies in the same location.

By capturing your love on film and following these tips you can rest assured that your memories will last a lifetime.

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