Granting African filmmakers a way to tell their stories

25 Jan

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost five years since I first traveled to East Africa with two filmmaker friends to start a film school in Burundi. After multiple return visits, a few fundraisers and some incredible volunteers, the Burundi Film Center is now an established film institution respected by the local community and abroad.

Well guess what? We’ve been collecting a portion of sales from 2011 weddings and have created a production grant for graduates of our film school! The call for applications will be announced shortly and we’re looking forward to sharing the details about the filmmakers and the films they will create with the assistance of the { First Kiss Films } Production Grant. Thank you to all our couples who through choosing vintage cinema with love will help support filmmakers in Burundi tell their stories.

Here’s to another year of great memories and world cinema,
xo Bridget

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