An artistic “I do”

4 Sep

Now that September is here and the cooler weather is on its way, it’s time to post something a little different: a winter wedding film! Check in next week to screen J&M’s vintage film with highlights from their lux wedding – it will warm your heart.

The newlyweds sent me such a nice note after multiple viewings of their film. Here’s a taste of the email:

“For the first viewing of the film we had a large group of our family with us. I’d say we had as much laughter and tears while watching our wedding film as we had on the day of our actual wedding. I don’t think my mother had a dry eye for the entire time watching the film. The way you colourized the footage at the moments where the photographers flash went off is just stunning. We both love your choice of music…and the second song perfectly suited the reason for the entire day, real love!  I could go on and on about the great details and how you worked them in with the music. You really did capture the emotions and memorable moments, as well as all the little details that others might miss, but were (and are) so important to us. 

Loads of thanks and gratitude from us both,
Matthew & Janice”

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  1. melanie Rebane photography September 6, 2011 at 10:15 am #

    I can’t wait to see this one! The stills are so beautiful…you are always full of surprises…love your wedding films so much!

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