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23 Jun

Weddings used to be a piece of cake... AFP/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Corina Milic is a journalist and a bride-to-be. She would also “love one of (First Kiss Film’s) vintage films” for her own wedding. But she, like many women planning their wedding, is trying to understand the myriad of expenses that come with a wedding.  

Ms. Milic has been sharing her experiences with Toronto Star readers about navigating her way through the wedding industry and recently interviewed { First Kiss Films } to get an inside perspective on the culture of weddings.  Here’s an excerpt of her article (one of a series) playfully titled “Seeking a little wedding drama, without the trauma”:

“Getting married is expensive. Canadian weddings cost on average $23,330, according to a 2011 WeddingBells magazine survey of 2,000 brides. That includes $1,798 for the average wedding gown, plus thousands more on must-have items like doves to release, monogrammed napkins, and separate brides’ and grooms’ cakes.

Speaking of which, do you know how much it costs to slice a wedding cake?

The going rate in Toronto is $3 to cut a slice, plus a flat fee for the caterer (whom you are already paying thousands) to cut and serve your cake (for which you have already paid hundreds). I feel like the wedding industry has sold me an inflated line and I have no choice but to buy it.

Not quite, says Bridget Redmond, founder of First Kiss Films, an Ottawa-based company that specializes in super 8mm and 16mm wedding films.”

Click here to find out what I had to say and find out more about Corina’s wedding planning journey.

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  1. papillonpress June 23, 2011 at 5:12 pm #

    My advice to her is: spend the money and get a First Kiss Film. If you really, really want it, just do it. It’s only money and you only get one wedding day!

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