East meets West – a sneak peak

11 Jan

What’s better than attending an incredible wedding? In my mind, capturing the celebration on 16mm film!

The wedding that will be featured next week is breathtaking in so many ways, rich in tradition and ritual, and the starring couple so adorable it will make you smile. Overall, Sarah & Sanjoy’s celebration is beyond words. So until the film is posted next Tuesday, I hope you enjoy a few screen captures from their beautiful Hindu wedding.

But before you go, here’s a love note from the newlyweds:

“The film is wonderful.  We love it!  Thank you so much.  You captured the essence of the whole day and did it in such a beautiful way.  We feel like movie stars:)!!!  And your music selections were perfect!!!! We can’t wait to show it to everyone.  You are so talented and it was such a pleasure to have you there the day of our wedding.  Thank you for making a beautiful film for us!”

All the best,
Sarah and Sanjoy

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  1. Melanie January 11, 2011 at 8:19 am #

    Lovely! The screen captures are beautiful and really demonstrate the beauty and detail within the film to come, as well as the great eye you have for what is special…which is present consistently in all your films…can’t wait to see next week.

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