“J’taime too…”

9 Nov

Today’s film features a couple who are obviously very much in love. Jennifer is from Ottawa. Pierre is from Montreal. But provincial boarders and linguistic differences could not keep these two apart.

While shooting this engagement film at the beautiful Mountain Orchards Pierre quietly whispered to Jennifer, “J’taime”. Jennifer replied with, “J’taime too.” How adorable is that?

~ Filmed on Kodak 16mm film ~

I received this sweet note from J&P just a few hours after delivering their “p’tit film d’amour” and had to share it with you:

Hi Bridget,

We LOVE the film!  It is so sweet and very romantic, just what we were picturing, actually better.  The song choice is perfect and I think we have watched the film about 15 times already.  Each time we see it, we see something different and enjoy it so much more.  It brings back great memories of that day and will be the perfect token to watch in years down the road.

We can’t thank you enough for creating such a great love film for us.  Thank you so much!  We love it!

~ Jennifer & Pierre

3 Responses to ““J’taime too…””

  1. Bryan Farr November 9, 2010 at 5:34 pm #

    Another winner “Bridie”

  2. I Love it! It is so sweet! Beautiful….

  3. Amna Hakim November 9, 2010 at 9:36 am #

    Bridget this is sooo lovely!!!!! You can really feel the love between the two!

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