The power of film

26 Oct

“If you want to shoot something that has real beauty, something that makes you think and feel, you’ve got to shoot it on film… Film connects with my audience.
It feels lush, warm, and real.”
– Ted Royer, Executive Creative Director, Droga5

I have hung this poster on my office wall just above my computer screen so anytime I gaze off in thought, it is what I see. It’s part of a Kodak Campaign sharing the many reasons why pros from all over the world choose to shoot on film. There is some great information on the Kodak website and here are some of the facts that I particularly found interesting:

Film is the only true archival medium. While my clients receive their final film on DVD, there is always a permanent, eternally legible backup copy (the film itself).

We can’t even conceive of a medium yet, that can preserve as much information as a piece of motion picture film. Film is still the highest density data capture medium we know of. There is no other medium with more information capturing capabilities currently known. What does this mean? The final image is subtle, beautiful and feels very real.

You often hear of people wanting to make HD video look like film but you never hear of someone wanting to make film look like HD video.

I adore film.  But shooting on film alone does not make for a great film. Good filmmaking is not just about the medium you choose to work with but how you shoot and edit every frame you capture.

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