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28 Sep

Those based in Ottawa might already be familiar with the wonderful weekly blog called Girl About Otown. This local blog was created by Katharine Cornfield “to chronicle the people, ideas and things that impress and inspire me – here in Ottawa and out there in the world”. Love that.

Knowing Katharine’s blog mandate, I was honoured when she asked me if she could profile my work and business! Here’s what she had to say about why she wanted to feature { First Kiss Films }:

Last February, this girlaboutOtown was lucky to be invited to the launch of a lovely new business in Ottawa { First Kiss Films } which specializes in producing fine art wedding films on 16mm and Super 8mm film.   Not only was Bridget Redmond’s concept brilliant, her talent was downright impressive.  Since then, I’ve been following Bridget’s progress with curiosity, and watching her unique  filmmaking business flourish!

Imagine my delight when I read of her latest endeavour, a new service called the Family First Film.  It seems Bridget has decided to apply her gifted eye to everyday lives.  Building on her cinematic approach to weddings, this accomplished filmmaker will come to your home and create a custom film of your family.  Whether it’s a special celebration or an ordinary slice of your life, Bridget’s hope is to help her clients turn seemingly mundane moments into extraordinary memories that will last forever.  I watched in awe as “An evening with the Brooks Family” unfolded on film, and found myself desperately wanting one for me and my three!  I think if you view it too, you will see what I mean.

Anyway, when I asked Bridget if she would answer a few questions, she very kindly agreed.  Not surprisingly, there are some serious smarts behind this brave and creative cinematic eye!

Thank you SO much Katharine, for your kind words, support and for the interview!

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