Evenings of light

31 Aug

This week, you have the chance to check-out some great artwork by a number of film artists including two projects created by yours truly.

Starting with this Thursday night, one of my personal films has been selected to screen along-side a number of other celluloid-based works in a retrospective of local art films created over the last five years. With fewer and fewer artists working with film it is a rare opportunity to watch actual films prints being projected in the way they were meant to be seen. The screening starts at 8:00pm at the Mercury Lounge (56 ByWard Market) and entrance is FREE!

The second screening I am participating in this week is in association with The Windows Collective. Last summer, our group of filmmakers produced six new silent works and then hosted outdoor installations in six Ottawa neighbourhoods.

Recently, each member of the collective completed new work but what will be really cool is seeing the way the films will be projected. As each silent film will run through a projector continuously, the filmmakers must build a loop in-order for the 16mm film to repeat. For example, a one-minute long film would require approximately 36 feet of film and without the use of traditional film reels we are finding ways to creatively loop the film so it can return to the projector time and time again. Watching the different ways film can move around a projector can be as interesting as the films themselves!

These new film installations will be unveiled at the Ottawa Lumiere Festival in New Edinburgh Park. If you have never attended this festival before it is truly a magical experience. New Edinburgh Park is also a fantastic venue following the Rideau River – it’s the perfect venue for a romantic evening out!

DATE: Saturday, September 4th (rain date: Sunday, September 5th)
TIME: 8:00pm – 10:00pm
LOCATION: New Edinburgh Park (aka Stanley Park)
COST: Free

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