27 Jul

Navigating the sandy streets without shoes.

After some careful planning and schedule wrangling around my wedding film commitments I was able to squeeze in a return trip to Africa this summer and volunteer with the Burundi Film Center (BFC). You might remember the blog post this past May talking about donating a percentage of sales to this film-related cause. Well, I also enjoy donating my time too.

Subject and photographer are equally curious of each other.

The Burundi Film Center does not currently have project funding and runs solely on private donations from some truly generous people. Last week we wrapped a very successful funding drive and with the help of the Canada-World Cinema Project matching all donations we reached our goal of raising $5,000!  A big thank you to everyone who contributed including some friends in the wedding industry: AMBphoto, Amna Hakim Photography and Permanent Petals!

A common sight: A ball made of recycled plastic bags.

As I’ll be away for about a month I will be taking a break from my weekly updates but back blogging by the end of August. If you’d like to peak into our experiences overseas I invite you to checkout the BFC twitter account. Or if you are interested in following the 2010 training session check out my husband’s blog. He’s a wonderful writer and storyteller and I’ll also be helping to share our experience with some more images like the ones you see here.

School boys in uniform.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and I promise to bring back some great images. Until then, here are a few more photographs I took last time I was there.

♥ Bridget

A crowd quickly forms while the students shoot a scene for one of the short films.

When the sun sets at 6:00pm the streets become very dark.

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