Seeing the big picture

18 May

Wedding season is here! I know, because last-minute inquiries are starting to come in.

I’m not surprised when a couple decides only a month or two before their wedding to hire a wedding filmmaker.  Afterall, they have spent so much time and energy planning their wedding that sometimes it is only once all the details come together do they realize that while great photography is important, it cannot fully capture the mood and special moments the way a wedding film can.

You might be surprised to hear that even we waited until a few months before our wedding to decide to include motion picture film. Just like a lot of couples we already had a great photographer onboard and we were trying to keep costs low.  But once our guest list was created and our wedding started to take shape we realized photography would not be sufficient. We also knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime moment and unlike traditional videography our film would be something we would watch and share time and time again months and years down the road.

So we decided to have our wedding filmed (by a { First Kiss Films } associate) and our day came and went and it was everything that we had hoped for. Our photographs and film are all we have to remember our wedding. Having our wedding filmed was possibly the best decision we made.

Knowing how much we cherish our wedding film, I certainly hope to be able to accommodate any other last-minute couples wishing to book our services. Why invest so much into one day without doing all you can to make it last?

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