6 cinematic ways to kiss your sweetheart

14 Feb

Pucker up!Inspired by Valentine’s Day, { First Kiss Films } proudly presents a few smooching alternatives to your standard peck. Of course, each of these fine kisses are inspired by a movie:

Spiderman Kiss – Get your sweetie to hang their head over the edge of a couch or bed, then move in for an upside-down kiss.

Eyes Wide Shut (or not) Kiss – Open those peepers and give it a go! Gazing into each other’s eyes can add an extra touch of intimacy (or creepiness).

Casablanca Kiss – Deliver a spontaneous, surprising kiss and then turn and walk away while giving your best Bogart impression.

Deliverance Kiss – Take a swig from your mason jar and smack your gums together. Keep your teeth in your pocket ’cause they’ll just get in the way. Afterwards, give a whooping holler of “YEE HAW!”

Lady and the Tramp Kiss – Place one end of spaghetti in your sweetie’s mouth and one end in yours. See who can nibble their way fastest to meet the other’s lips.

Full Monty Kiss – Skip the kiss altogether and just get busy!

And this afternoon, please come enjoy some complimentary truffles & champagne with us from 2-4pm. You could win a prize just for showing up.

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