Leaving me speechless in ’09

21 Dec

The cinema where I went to see half of these films - The Mayfair Theatre

To honour the { First Kiss Films } mission “Make it timeless, leave them speechless“, here are five films that left me speechless this year:

Let the Right One In – A Swedish romantic horror film that’s refreshing and haunting. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen right up until the intense, beautifully crafted final scene.
Brüno – My jaw hung open for about half of this film. Mixing comedy with social commentary can be fascinating & hilarious, although I found the last scene was anything but funny.

The Road – I still haven’t completely shook the heavy feeling this film left me with two weeks ago. If you’ve seen the trailer and think this is going to be 2012 part deux then you have been mislead through the magic of editing. Despite the film’s slow pace, I actually could feel my heart racing during one incredibly tense scene (you know the one if you’ve seen it).

 Pontypool – Another Canadian film! The lead is amazing as always, the tone spot-on, and over half of the suspense is created by characters reacting only to sound. It’s quite an inspired film for anyone who wants to make films with maximum imagination and minimal means.

So now it’s your turn – what films left you speechless this year?

Polytechnique – An incredibly powerful Canadian film based on a tragic true story. The director manipulates the chronology of events and point-of-view in a way that helps the audience understand the narrative better and creates a feeling of unease.

2 Responses to “Leaving me speechless in ’09”

  1. Christopher December 24, 2009 at 3:05 pm #

    If I were to add a film I saw this year that made me speechless, it would be Gomorra. I think it’s also considered a 2008 film, but I only had a chance to see it at the Bytowne this year.

    Plenty of other great films in 2009, but most of them made me want to talk about them non-stop! Gomorra beat me down into submission and made me question everything I ever possibly thought was cool about gangsters. Timeless!

  2. The guy in cubicle 10 December 23, 2009 at 3:50 pm #

    My top 5 (and one extra, in no particular order) hmmmm….

    6. I have to second Let the Right One In, even though it was officially last year (hence the extra). Haunting, beautifully shot, one of the best executed endings in recent film history.

    5. Where The Wild Things Are: Interesting and dark. Begs multiple viewings.

    4. The Hangover: Funny is not easy to do, at least not multiple-viewing funny. I have seen this 6 or 7 times, laugh every time. Bravo non-Apatow camp.

    3. District 9: Taking movie budgeting to a whole new level.

    2. Moon: Sam Rockwell, another bravo.

    1. Up: Pixar keeps the standard high.

    Honourable Mentions: Inglorious Basterds, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, (500) Days of Summer, Star Trek, Bronson, A Christmas Carol 3D. It was a fun theater-going year, should be even better in 2010!

    Bottom Five*:

    1. Transformers 2
    2. Transformers 2
    3. Transformers 2
    4. Transformers 2
    5. Transformers 2

    *There is absolutely no reason why I should be falling asleep during a big action blockbuster. I couldn’t wait for it to end. It actually made GI Joe look incredible, not just okay, incredible. Shame on you Michael Bay.

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